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EBJ TEJIDOS PARA ABRASIVOS, S.L. is a new company and it started in 2012. However, behind this new company, these are more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing cloths: sisal, pvc, polyester, ...

Everybody needs to have ambitions and goals and of course, at EBJ we have got ours.
- Our aims are to grow, continue advancing with our clients and creating a strong bond with them thanks to our close and professional way of working and our openess.
- We aim to collaborate and tighter our relations with our clients. We want to closely work together creating new projects.
- We also aim to give our experience and offer it to clients.

We are always asking ourselves:
Why don't we give it a go?
And, we don't we try?
This is our wish because at EBJ these aims are always foremost, and we are always thinking about which new materials we can work with.
This is our starting point, we experiment and work with different materials. So, we have a large range of raw materials and we always welcome new possibilities.
However, we are best known for our sisal products.

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